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2023 Membership Rates

** 25% Senior  Available for 60 years +

★BSCA Member Rate Available through 4/30/2023

(BSCA Member Rate available to owners and/or residents of a BSCA property) 

+ All BSCA Members of BSSC must be in good standing on yearly assessments.

As we have previously communicated, our pool services contract expired at the end of 2022.  When we solicited multiple vendors for proposals for a new contract, all of the proposals exceeded the cost of our prior contract by over 30% due to inflation and increased labor, insurance, and supply costs.  The Board surveyed swim club members and met with a working group to determine whether members were willing to pay swim club rates that would cover the increased costs or whether they would prefer to make other changes (such as a modest reduction in swim club hours) to keep fees lower.  The Board reviewed and analyzed the feedback that we received and ultimately approved the above 2023 rates, operating hours, and fee restructure.

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