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About the Junior Destroyers


The Burke Station Destroyers swim team offers a Junior Destroyers, learn to swim program every July. It is led by the senior members of the team who are skilled swimmers and have proven to be kind and patient with littles. Participants are grouped based on skill and water-confidence and ratios between Juniors and coaches are kept low. If necessary we hire additional coaches to make smaller learning groups. Coaches focus on water confidence and foundational skills, e.g., putting faces under the water, blowing bubbles/breath control, kicking, floating and arm movement. Juniors usually end their lesson with jump off the side into the arms of a coach in the deep end or (if they’re really brave) a jump off the diving board. These activities build confidence like nothing else but Juniors are not forced, only encouraged. It is also not unprecedented that a Junior improves during lessons to the point that they advance on to the Destroyer swim team. This is done with great fanfare and is considered a major accomplishment.


Unlike some communities in the region, swimmers do not need to reside in Burke Station Square to be eligible to join Junior Destroyers. The Burke Station Swim Club (BSSC) is considered an “open pool” and anyone can join. Participants must be a members of the BSSC to participate in the program.

Age Requirement:

The minimum age requirement to join Junior Destroyers is three years. Participants will get more out of the program if they are comfortable in the water.


Approximately $100/participant.


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in July from 8:30-9:15am.

Swim Meets:

Juniors do not generally swim in meets. Occasionally we have a 6-and-Under race across the deep end of the pool at home B-Meets. There’s also the Lollipop Meet that is designed for Juniors and 8-and Unders. Races are fun and often silly but every swimmer gets a lollipop prize for each race and winners receive a coveted Ring Pop!

For further information, please contact us at TeamRepBSST@gmail.com

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