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Guest Fees

Purchase guest passes and we’ll load them into your account. At check-in, we will deduct the number of guests from your account.

1 Guest - $6.68
2 Guests - $12.95
3 Guests - $19.20
4 Guests - $25.45
5 Guests - $31.70
6 Guests - $37.95
10 Guests - $62.85
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Snack Window Credit

Purchase Snack Window Credit for use at the Swim Club. Credits will not expire and can be rolled over to subsequent seasons. We will not accept cash at the window. Prices include a processing fee.

$10 Credit - $10.25
$20 Credit - $20.50
$25 Credit - $25.63
$30 Credit - $30.75
$40 Credit - $41.00
$50 Credit - $51.25
$75 Credit - $76.88
$100 Credit - $102.50
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Purchases at the window are not refundable. Please discuss with your family if they are allowed to purchase items for others.

Caregiver Add-on

Can only be added to FAMILY MEMBERSHIP.
This option is for either (1) a sitter of the Members’ children or (2) a child the Member is caring for to access the Swim Club for the summer season. Purchase of this option is for a Single Caregiver and is non-transferable. This fee does not entitle the sitter/ sittee to membership privileges outside the childcare situation. A sitter must be at least 15 years of age.

Price: $100.00

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