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Swim Safe
Swim Safe

Water Safety

Parents and guardians are expected to closely monitor the activities of their children while at the pool.  Inexperienced swimmers should remain in the shallow end.  Parents should accompany any child 12 or under who has not passed the Swim Test into deeper waters and remain within in arms reach at all times.  This ensure that all swimmers remain as safe as possible while enjoying the pool.

Any child using floaties/arm bands/life vests, or other flotation aids must be supervised by an individual who is age 15 or older.  The supervising individual must remain within in arms reach of the child.

Parents should actively be watching and supervising their young children and any inexperienced swimmers.  Please limit your distractions like cellphones,  tablets, etc.

Members MAY NOT leave children unsupervised on the deck that are wearing floating devices or that are unable to swim independently in deeper water.

We want everyone to have a safe and fun Summer!

Lifeguards or Swim Club personnel will speak with Members that leave children unattended.  Repeated issues may result in request to leave the Swim Club or suspension of Membership.



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